From the Desk of

Jack Rosati

Pa State Membership Director



Dear, Brother Knights,


I as write this article on recruiting new members to our order, the events of the last few weeks regarding the Pennsylvania Grand Jury reports are still fresh in my mind.  We live in a time where men (and women) are questioning their beliefs in faith.  Wondering how these things could have happened in their church.  Their journey back to the faith may take some time and the healing process will need to play out.  The Catholic Church has gone through tough times before and always came out the other side stronger and better.  It was during these difficult times in our history when God sent us his Saints.  Be those saints today.  We need you now more than ever.  Men of your parish may be wondering “how will his church survive?”  “How can I help others keep the faith?”  “Is anyone willing to stand with me to keep Christs church relevant during these troubled times?”  Be his mentor.  Be his saint.  They are out there.  They may even be easier to find now that before because they will be looking for you. 


Vivat Jesus,


Jack Rosati

Pennsylvania State Membership Director